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Concealed Nests
Paper Wasps
Bee Swarming
Concealed Nests The most challenging wasp nests to control are those that are concealed in voids behind walls or in attics. Often, the only evidence of the nest is wasps flying back and forth through a crack or hole in the home. Aerosol insecticides usually do not work very well against hidden nests. The best method is to apply a small amount of insecticidal dust or drill small (about 1/8 inch) holes to deliver the insecticide into the nest area. When treating wasp nests hidden in building voids, we may use the following insecticide dusts: bendiocarb chlorpyrifos boric acid (will be slow acting)
Paper Wasps The name "paper wasps" typically refers to members of the vespid subfamily Polistinae, though it often colloquially includes members of the subfamilies Vespinae (hornets and yellowjackets) and Stenogastrinae, which also make nests out of paper. Twenty-two species of Polistes paper wasps have been identified in North America and approximately 300 species have been identified worldwide. The Old World tribe Ropalidiini contains another 300 species, and the Neotropical tribes Epiponini and Mischocyttarini each contain over 250 more, so the total number of true paper wasps worldwide is about 1100 species, nearly half of which can be found in the Neotropics.
Bee Swarming Swarming is a natural division of the hives population. When the number of workers exceeds the capacity of the hive, the workers will raise a second queen and she will travel to a new location with half of the colonies worker bees and Drones. Generally this occurs in the Spring or Summer months -  4 to 5 weeks after the queen begins laying eggs after Winter. Each hive can swarm several times a year, often until August in Eastern Ontario.

Wasp and Bee Control Toronto Ontario

Our team consists of fully trained, certified, insured and highly experienced Pest control professionals that carry a large array of equipment and stock on them at all times. Our bee, wasp, hornet, and yellowjacket control technicians know what is needed and are available to help any time of day or night. We pride ourselves on instant communication and will answer the phone any time of day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Email contacts are also answered almost immediately give you piece of mind knowing that your wasp or bee problem can be resolved right away.

When dealing with you know that we will fully respect you and your property. Whether you’re located in downtown Toronto or rural areas outside of the Toronto area you will receive full respect for your time and your property. Our aim is to get everything back to normal and up and running in as little time as possible so that you will recommend us to friends and family. No wasp or bee job is too big or small to fix.

Our Wasp Control Services Include:

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